The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

JCOMM Data Management Plan implementation details (2015)

Author(s) Sissy Iona, Chairperson, DMCG
Summary This document is a companion to the JCOMM Data Management Plan (DMPlan). Its purpose is to link the many recommendations of the DMPlan and to elaborate them as concrete tasks and actions that will realize the objectives of the plan. To this end, the recommendation numbering present in the DMPlan is preserved in this report. This is done using the prefix DMP and the numbering in the DMPlan for the various sections and recommendations.
The information presented here records progress against each recommendation in the DMPlan and as such needs to be updated regularly. Undoubtedly, ideas change and the work of implementation must move with new ideas and technology.
The information is presented with the same overall themes of the DMPlan (i.e. Data and Information Exchange, Data Processing, Access, Coordination and Linkages, and Communications). The summaries provided are based on a more detailed list of tasks and work that includes target dates and responsible persons.
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Status Published on 25/08/09


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