5th GO-SHIP Committee Meeting

Supported by the Marine Institute, the GO-SHIP committee will meet next to Galway prior to the GAIC opening (http://www.gaic2015.org)

It was held on 14 September 2015, Co. Galway, Ireland

The 5th GO-SHIP (Global Ocean Ship-Based Hydrographic Investigations Program) Committee Meeting is likely a gathering of scientists, researchers, and stakeholders involved in oceanographic research and the GO-SHIP program. GO-SHIP is an international collaborative effort to collect data on the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the global ocean through ship-based observations.

At the 5th Committee Meeting, participants would discussed various aspects of the program, including:

Data collection efforts: Reviewing the progress of ongoing expeditions, planning future cruises, and coordinating data collection efforts across different regions of the world’s oceans.

Data analysis and synthesis: Sharing findings from recent research using GO-SHIP data, discussing methodologies for data analysis, and identifying areas for further investigation.

Technology and instrumentation: Assessing the effectiveness of existing measurement tools and technologies, exploring innovations in oceanographic instrumentation, and discussing ways to improve data quality and efficiency.

Collaboration and partnerships: Strengthening collaboration between participating institutions, fostering partnerships with other oceanographic programs, and promoting data sharing and accessibility.

Capacity building and outreach: Discussing strategies for training early-career scientists in oceanographic research, engaging with policymakers and the public to raise awareness about ocean issues, and promoting the importance of sustained ocean observations.

Overall, the 5th GO-SHIP Committee Meeting would serve as a forum for exchanging knowledge, coordinating efforts, and advancing our understanding of the global ocean system.