The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

The JCOMM Data Management Coordination Group (DMCG)

Terms of Reference

The Data Management Coordination Group, in close collaboration with the International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) and Commission for Basic Systems subsidiary bodies and related experts, shall:

(a) Maintain a data management plan for JCOMM that identifies, assesses and specifies priorities and actions for the Data Management Programme Area;

(b) In concurrence with the Co-presidents of JCOMM and the co-chairs of IODE, establish and create expert teams, task teams, and pilot projects, as appropriate, to undertake the work of the Data Management Programme Area;

(c) Ensure collaboration, appropriate coordination and liaison with IODE as well as with the Commission for Basic Systems and other relevant bodies and activities external to WMO and IOC;

(d) Keep under review, assess and coordinate the adoption of appropriate new information technology;

(e) Establish and maintain cooperation with science programmes and assist with their data management activities, as appropriate;

(f) Provide advice and feedback to users of the Data Management Programme Area functions, through the appropriate JCOMM Programme Area, through IODE directly;

(g) Identify capacity development requirements related to the programme area and, as appropriate, coordinate activities to address these requirements;

(h) Identify requirements for satellite data and information related to the programme area.

General membership

The membership is selected to ensure a range of expertise and to maintain an appropriate geographical representation, and includes:

(a) Data Management Programme Area coordinator (Chairperson of the Data Management Coordination Group);

(b) Chairperson of the Expert Team on Data Management Practices;

(c) Chairperson of the Expert Team on Marine Climatology;

(d) IODE co-chairpersons;

(e) Up to four additional experts with experience in the priority areas of oceanography and marine meteorology data management in the DMCG work plan;

Additional experts may be invited as appropriate, with the concurrence of the Co-presidents of the Commission, on a self-funded basis, and in general with no resource implications to JCOMM.

Sessions of the Group

- Fifth Session (29-31 Jan. 2014, Geneva, Suisse)[Event Info]
- Fourth Session (8-9 April 2010, Ostend, Belgium)[report]
- Third Session (26-28 March 2008, Ostend, Belgium) [report]
- Second Session (10-12 October 2006, Geneva, Switzerland) [report]
- First Session (22-25 May 2002, Paris, France) [report]

People in The JCOMM Data Management Coordination Group (DMCG)

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Athanasia (Sissy) IONA (leader)
Chair, DMCG Greece
Martin KRAMP
Ship Coordinator
JCOMM in-situ Observations Programme Support Centre...
Management of instrument/platform metadata JCOMM in-situ Observations Programme Support Centre (JCOMMOPS)
IOC consultant
UNESCO IOC Perth Regional Programme Office
Data standards, best practices, and QM UNESCO IOC Perth Regional Programme Office
Informatics Specialist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Co-Chair, IODE United States
University of Tokyo, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute
Co-Chair, IODE Japan
Sergey BELOV
head of laboratory
All-Russian Research Institute Hydrometeorological...
Chairperson of the Expert Team on Data Management Practices Russian Federation
Senior Research Assistant
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Chair, TT-TDC United Kingdom
Meteorologist/Marine Observation Analyst
National Centers for Environmental Information
Chair, ETMC United States

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