The Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

Ship Observations Team (SOT)

Terms of Reference

(excerpt of annex to Resolution 3 (JCOMM-4))

The Ship Observations Team shall:

(a) Respond to requirements for ship-based observational data expressed by relevant existing international programmes and/or systems in support of marine services, and coordinate actions to implement and maintain the networks to satisfy these requirements;

(b) Provide continuing assessment of the extent to which those requirements are being met;

(c) Develop methodology for constantly controlling and improving the quality of data;

(d) Review marine telecommunication facilities and procedures for observational data collection, as well as technology and techniques for data processing and transmission, and propose actions as necessary for improvements and enhanced application;

(e) Coordinate Port Meteorological Officer (PMO)/ship greeting operations globally, propose actions to enhance PMO standards and operations, and contribute as required to PMO and observers training;

(f) Review, maintain and update as necessary technical guidance material relating to ship observations and Port Meteorological Officers;

(g) Liaise and coordinate as necessary with other JCOMM programme areas and expert teams, as well as with other interested parties;

(h) Participate in the planning activities of the appropriate observing system experiments and major international research programmes as the specialist group on observations based onboard ships, including Voluntary Observing Ships, Ships-Of-Opportunity and research ships;

(i) Seek new opportunities for deploying various kinds of measuring devices as recommended by the relevant panels and widely publicise those opportunities;

(j) Develop as necessary new pilot projects and/or operational activities and establish new specialized panels as required;

(k) Carry out other activities as agreed by participating Members/Member States to implement and operate the SOT programme and to promote and expand it internationally.

Ship Observations Team (SOT) also has the sub-groups Ship Observations Team officers, SOT National Focal Points (SOT-NFPs), SOOP Implementation Panel (SOOPIP), ASAP National Focal Points (ASAP-NFPs), VOS Panel (VOSP), VOSClim Project Focal Points (obsolete), Port Meteorological Officers - useful contacts (PMOs), SOT Advisory Group on Coding, Task Team on Instrument Standards (TT-IS), Task Team on Metadata for WMO-No. 47 (TT-Pub47), Task Team on Satellite Communications Systems (TT-Satcom), Task Team on VOS recruitment and programme promotion (TT-VOSRPP), Task Team on Call Sign masking and encoding (TT-Masking), Task Team on ASAP (TT-ASAP), Task Team on Training (TT-TRAINING), Task Team on High-Resolution Marine Meteorology (TT-HRMM), Ad hoc Task Team on SOOP Metadata and Ad hoc Task Team on WIGOS Identifiers

People in Ship Observations Team (SOT)

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Scientific Officer
World Meteorological Organization
WMO Secretariat World Meteorological Organization
Head of group
Finnish Meteorological Institute
  Saudi Arabia
Hassan AMANE
Meteorological Officer
Ibrahim M D ARIFF
Port Meteorological Officer, Port Kota Kinabalu
Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD), Division of...
Graeme BALL
Manager, Marine Operations Group
Network Operations – Port Meteorological Officer
Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited
  New Zealand
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Atlantic...
  United States
Argo Technical Coordinator, JCOMMOPS, WMO Secondment
JCOMM in-situ Observations Programme Support Centre...
  JCOMM in-situ Observations Programme Support Centre (JCOMMOPS)

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