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   Marine Pollution Emergency Response Support System for the high seas




Metocean products

Potential sources for open weather/ocean data in support of MAES

NOAA Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS): access to NWP's model output.

bluelink BLUElink
Forecasts: Ocean Forecasting - Australia, ocean products
CSIRO: Reanalysis "Experimental products"
POAMA: Predictive Ocean Atmosphere Model for Australia"Experimental products"
cnoofs C-NOOFS
The Canada-Newfoundland Operational Ocean Forecasting System (C-NOOFS)
ecco ECCO
Ocean products: Near real-time ocean estimates
Reanalysis products: ECCO-GODAE delayer-mode reanalysis
ecmwf ECMWF
Ocean products: Ocean Analysis - Real time - Reanalysis
fnmoc FNMOC
US principal operational processing center for automated numerical meteorological and oceanographic analyses
ghrsst GHRSST
Global High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature
hycom HYCOM
HYCOM (HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model) Consortium data & product services
ltsrf LTSRF
Long Term Stewardship and Reanalysis Facility (LTSRF) for the GHRSST project
mercator Mercator-Ocean
Web images and digital products
Web quick look bulletin
mfs MFS
Mediterranean Ocean Forecasting System Bulletin
ncof NCOF
Ocean forecast products
nmefc NMEFC
National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center
nrl NRL - US. Naval Research Laboratory
Real-time global ocean analysis and modeling
rtofs RTOFS
Real-Time Ocean Forecast System
topaz TOPAZ
TOPAZ system products (North Atlantic and Arctic ocean)
godae US-GODAE
US. GODAE data server

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