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   Marine Pollution Emergency Response Support System for the high seas




Area Meteorological and Oceanographic Coordinator

An Area Meteorological and Oceanographic Coordinator (AMOC) is a national service which may be

- National Meteorological Service, or

- National Meteorological Service which also operates oceanographic services, or

- National Meteorological Service liaising with Oceanographic Service(s) where these are in operation

which has accepted responsibility for coordinating the provision of regional meteorological information and oceanographic information as appropriate, which is issued to support marine pollution emergency response operations in the designated area for which the Service (or Services) has accepted responsibility. The AMOC is also available to provide relevant support and advice for waters under national jurisdiction within its area if so requested by the countries concerned. [These national Services may eventually become designated Regional Specialized Centres for Marine Pollution Emergency Support.]

The support supplied by an AMOC (or a Supporting Service) shall include:

(a) Basic meteorological forecasts and warnings tailored for the area(s) concerned;

The support supplied by an AMOC (or a Supporting Service) may also include:

(b) Basic oceanographic forecasts for the area(s) concerned

(c) The observation, analysis and forecasting of the values of specific meteorological and oceanographic variables required as input to models describing the movement, dispersion, dissipation and dissolution of marine pollution;

(d) In some cases, the operation of these models;

(e) In some cases, access to national and international telecommunications facilities;

(f) Other operational support.

The issued information may have been prepared solely by the AMOC, or by another Supporting Service(s), or a combination of both, on the basis of an agreement between the Services concerned. The location and contact (telephone, e-mail, telex, telefax, etc.) details of any marine pollution emergency response operations authority (or authorities) responsible within the designated Marine Pollution Incident (MPI) are should be maintained on the MPERSS web site. National information for this site should be maintained by AMOCs or Supporting Services.

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